Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Felted Soap Creation

First, I begin with an assortment of brightly colored wool roving bits.

Then I take a bar of honey and oatmeal vegetable soap and use a
three-needle felting needle to push on the base layer of roving.

See how I use tiny pieces of the soft wool to cover the soap?

To cover the soap with the base layer it takes me about 25 minutes. Then I use scissors to cut off the wool strands that are sticking out.

Now it's time for the fun part, creating the design! I use one felting needle for more intricate work.

Well, you know me, always have to add a few polka dots!!! :)
The design took me about another 25 minutes.

Now I use the three-needle felting needle again to make sure the wool is pushed really well all over the entire soap.

Another trimming to make sure the soap looks just right!

And there you go, another felted soap made by me!

Notice how the wool roving covers the entire soap, here's the back view! Well, I hope you know a little more about felted soap and how it is made. They're one of my favorite crafts now, I wouldn't be spending an hour on each one if I didn't enjoy it! Felted soaps are like a washcloth and soap in one. You can use it everyday in the shower or bath or treasure it forever as a tiny work of art! Bye for now!
Tara :)


  1. that looks great! i love to felt but i've never tried soap- i think i will now. ^.^

  2. wow that looks like it takes patience! Great work!

  3. That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!!!

  4. That is fascinating. What is it used for? As a sachet? It's very cool!

  5. These are really cool! I love the step by step - thanks for sharing!

  6. What cool way to make soap!

    You've been awarded the Lovely Blog Award because I love the way you engage the audience and us a peek into your creative process. Check out my blog to see, congratulations! :)

  7. Thank you for the tutorial, that is fascinating!

  8. That's really cool. I've never heard of felted soap before but it looks great.

  9. That is so neat! Felting just amazes me. Very talented! Like your blog!

  10. Very cool! I DID always wonder how they were made!

  11. This is the coolest thing! I have never heard of felted soap before. It is too pretty to use in the shower! I found you on the Etsy Forum. Love your Etsy shop. Hope you will check out my shop and blog when you get a chance.

    ShanasShop http://www.ShanasShop.etsy.com

  12. this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this. I keep lovely smelling soaps in my dresser drawers to keep things from smelling musty. A felted soap would be perfect for that as the felt would keep the soap from rubbing off onto the drawer and in some cases the clothes and the scent would still do it's job.

    They are truly little works of art, thank you for sharing

  13. I ran across your felted soaps on Etsy, and had never heard of felted soaps before. I couldn't find any tutorials online that produced results as beautiful as yours, and then it dawned on me to check your Etsy shop. You have a blog! You shared your technique! Thank you so much! If I enough money, I'd buy one of your soaps for every single one of my friends, I think they're so perfect. :)