Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Felted Soap Creation

First, I begin with an assortment of brightly colored wool roving bits.

Then I take a bar of honey and oatmeal vegetable soap and use a
three-needle felting needle to push on the base layer of roving.

See how I use tiny pieces of the soft wool to cover the soap?

To cover the soap with the base layer it takes me about 25 minutes. Then I use scissors to cut off the wool strands that are sticking out.

Now it's time for the fun part, creating the design! I use one felting needle for more intricate work.

Well, you know me, always have to add a few polka dots!!! :)
The design took me about another 25 minutes.

Now I use the three-needle felting needle again to make sure the wool is pushed really well all over the entire soap.

Another trimming to make sure the soap looks just right!

And there you go, another felted soap made by me!

Notice how the wool roving covers the entire soap, here's the back view! Well, I hope you know a little more about felted soap and how it is made. They're one of my favorite crafts now, I wouldn't be spending an hour on each one if I didn't enjoy it! Felted soaps are like a washcloth and soap in one. You can use it everyday in the shower or bath or treasure it forever as a tiny work of art! Bye for now!
Tara :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

What do you think of our newest creations?

We've been super busy coming up with new ideas and color combos for our products. My mom decided to make Adelle in a new summer outfit :). Peach is her favorite color! I thought that having a card cut out in a shape would make my birthday wishes gift sets even cuter! Who loves polka dots? I do I do!

ttyl...........Tara :D
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Inspiration for My Lil' Aardvark!

Hi all! Just wanted to take a minute and tell you a little bit about the aardvark family. I wanted to make a toy for our dachshunds and just started cutting out some fabric. At first I thought I was going to make an elephant but it ended up looking like an aardvark instead! :) Our 6.5 pound dachshund, Izzy (on the top), loves to play with the legs and guards them from us like they're her little babies! Snoopy (on the bottom), the 10 pounder, loves to squeak the body as much as he can! They both love to rip off the different parts and wait for us to attach them so they do it again. The aardvarks are so cute together as a family and they all have "A" names: Ardie (the dad), Adelle (the mom), Adweena (baby sister), and Avery (brother). That's all for now!

The aardvark design is copyright 2009 by me!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I just love, love, love these Birthday Wishes gift sets!!!

Hi all! It's been a while since I've posted anything new on here. My mom and I have been so busy thinking of new ideas and taking pictures of all of our crafts that we just haven't had time to update the blog. One of my newest creations is the Birthday Wishes Whimsical Woolies felted soap, gift bag, and bday card package. It's like a birthday party in a small package. Everything looks so sweet together and I know someone would just be so happy to receive it. The star of the package is the felted soap with the present or cupcake design. The bag and card coordinate with it. I am so happy when I make these crafts. I'm into the whole package deal thing now. I love to include gift tags and cards with our stuff so that someone can give it to a special person and make their day!!! I probably take about 2.5 hours total to make one package, but since I love the end result it's worth my time. Every aspect of this cute present has my love put into it. Even if someone doesn't use the soap, it's just an ultra cute small work of art to look at!
Best wishes!!!